Find a lengthy list of bluegrass bands in St. Louis in addition to regional/national acts. Originally BluegrassUSA.com was founded in 1996. The Publication has grown from a modest 10 pages to more than 46,009 pages. Each month, more than 135,000 readers from across the globe depend on iBluegrass.com as a source of comprehensive and useful Bluegrass and related acoustic music.

KDHX 88.1 FM
KDHX 88.1 FM is a non-commercial, listener supported community radio station offering a full spectrum music along with cultural and public affairs programming. KDHX is a 43,000 watt stereo station broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, within an 80-mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Visit the Down Yonder Calendar to see schedules for local Bluegrass and Ol' Time bands in and around St. Louis, including the Local Gents.

John Hartford & Others Stuff
Some great old-school videos included on this site. Check out the Krueger Brothers version of Working On A Building.

Riddles Penultimate
I've been eating at Riddles for 15 years and I'd have to say this is one of my favorite places to go for a creative menu. If you enjoy wine, Riddles has one of the longest wine lists in town. Prime place. For those who enjoy good tunes, Andy loads up his music calendar with a solid list of groups from the area.

Off Broadway
A fine venue in St. Louis for bluegrass bands.

Crossings Taverne
Located in the heart of old Webster Groves, this is a heck of a place to catch a ballgame and a pizza. They have a tucked away venue in the basement that's ideal for music, especially bluegrass! The gents will be performing here on the first Friday of each month starting in October..

Pop's Blue Moon
You'll find the Gents here on the 2nd Friday of each month. Great place for local/regional acts.

Schlafly Brewery
Mike over at Bottleworks has been kind enough to invite us back month after month. You can't beat bluegrass outside under the sun, but playing indoors near the taps has its benefits!

Focal Point
If you can't seem to get the folks at The Sheldon concert hall to schedule you, The Focal Point has the next best acoustics in town. Eric Stein runs the sound over there and makes sure to dot his i's.

Planet Bluegrass
Planet Bluegrass is the home of major bluegrass festivals including Telluride, Rocky Grass and more...

Bluegrass Lyrics
A great place to find all the traditional lyrics.

Mandolin Cafe
Mandolins is what this site is all about.

Jerusalem Ridge Festival
In an effort to help raise awareness of The Monroe Bluegrass Music Foundation and The Rosine Project., Campbell Mercer and the BMF held the first Jerusalem Ridge Celebration in 2002, right there on Jerusalem Ridge, the very place Bill Monroe grew up. It was the intention of the foundation to hold a yearly festival where fans and musicians would gather to play and listen to traditional bluegrass music, and to honor and remember the man who made it all possible.

Huber Banjos
The Huber Banjos represent the very finest in modern banjo construction - but designed and manufactured to a higher standard: the classic flathead banjos of the 1930s! Many banjo makers will hint that some aspects of their instruments can be compared to these legendary pre wars. We go several steps further.

A mighty fine local bluegrass band in St. Louis. Great chums and musicians..

Folk School
If you're interested in learning traditional music, this is the place for you. The mission of the Folk School of St. Louis is to build community by providing educational programs that promote the learning, teaching, renewal, and perpetuation of traditional music and folk arts.

Halo Media
Halo Media is a St. Louis based company that provides a variety of web and print media services. They provided web design, web development, and hosting services to the Local Gents. (Thank you.)
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