Will Miskall (Banjo/Vocals)  -   New to the bluegrass scene, Will is an up and coming banjo player native to St Louis, Missouri. Combining a hard driving banjo style with his high lonesome vocal abilities, Will provides an intrinsic part of the Local Gents sound. He attributes his quick success to his banjo mentor Sandy Weltman who has given him the necessary tools to become a prominent force in the banjo community.  Prior to gigging with the Gents, he spent time performing classical guitar with the St Louis Symphony Guitar Orchestra. In addition to bluegrass, Will has a keen ear for Flamenco and Latin guitar and percussions styles. Looking forward, Will hopes in helping the Local Gents establish themselves as THE distinguished bluegrass group in area.

Ian Walsh (Fiddle)  -   Ian Walsh was born with a fiddle in his hands. He began playing at the age of five under the guidance of Greg Crone and Niall Gannon, and he began teaching at fourteen after taking first place in the Irish fiddle nationals competition. From there his playing and teaching progressed with four trips to Ireland to compete in the world championships and a gradual gathering of students from around Missouri. At the age of eighteen, Ian was awarded the Gold Congressional Medal from congress for his work with St. Louis Irish Arts and his excellence on the fiddle. He began playing with the Local Gents at 21, with heavy influence from the late great Vassar Clemens, and enjoys bluegrass thoroughly. For lessons with Ian or just to chat about tunes look him up at Music Folk in St. Louis.

Kevin Smith (Guitar/Vocals)  -   I remember oh so very well the first time I heard it played. The banjo and the fiddle, and a big ole dog-house bass. The mandolin and guitar well they were keeping time. When I heard that harmony, brother it changed my mind. I'm a bluegrass man from head to toe. Let me hear the songs of Flatt & Scruggs and Bill Monroe. They can play so fast, and sing so high. I'm a bluegrass man till the day I die.

Gary Baumstark (Mandolin/Vocals)     Gary has developed into a strong player with many local influences and attributes his success to “jamming with anyone anytime.” Before joining the Gents, Gary honed his chops with the long standing Smokehouse All-Stars, and the short lived Sweet Sally and the Hot Corn Boys. Gary attributes his bluesy style to his influences: Bill Monroe, Frank Wakefield, and the Dawg; as well as delta Blues Guitarists like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson and Son House. Gary also can be found chunking the 8-string with Floyd & The Barbers

Brian Johnson (Bass/Vocals)  -   Brian has been playing the upright bass since he was a teenager, mainly as a classical musician. He has performed with various ensembles, including the St. Louis Philharmonic and the Champagne Illinois symphony. Brian became interested in bluegrass about 7 years ago while living in Cape Girardeau and attending local jam sessions. Ever since then, that High Lonesome bluegrass sound has been in his blood, and is now his mainstay. His influences - too many to list - include Mike Bub, Mark Schatz, and Tom Gray.

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